• 2018-2019 Attendance Policy       Lawful (Excused) Absences are excusable absences permitted by the NC State Board of Education.

    The following are Lawful Absences: 

    • Illness or Injury (1A*)
    • Medical/Dental Appointment (1B)
    • Death in Family (1C)
    • Educational Opportunity which includes trips, college visits (1G)
    • Court Proceedings (1C)
    • Religious Observances (1F)
    • In-School Suspension (3A)
    • Out-of-School Suspension (3)

    *denotes PowerSchool attendance code 


    Lawful Absences Procedure: 

    • Notes for lawful absences must be turned into the attendance office within 3 school days of the absence. 
    • No Credit Status will be given to a student with more than 3 absences in a class until attendance/work obligations have been met.
    • Students are required to make up 30 minutes for each absence per class exceeding 3 in a grading period.   

    Unlawful (Unexcused) Absences: The student’s willful absences from school without the knowledge of the parents/guardians or the student’s absences from school without justifiable causes with the knowledge of parents/guardians. Teachers are NOT required to allow students to make up time for unlawful absences.    

    Time required in class: Attendance in class for at least 1/2 of the class period is required for the student to be counted “present”. 

        Athletic Participation: The North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) has its own attendance requirements for student participation. All Guilford County high schools are members of NCHSAA and their players/participants must meet those requirements. Students are responsible for having knowledge of and meeting those requirements; coaches and school athletic directors can provide complete information regarding NCHSAA regulations.     ** All absences, regardless of the reason, are counted when looking at athletic eligibility.**