• Attendance

    The North Carolina Compulsory Attendance Law requires that a student attend school until he or she has reached sixteen years of age. It guarantees his/her right to remain in school, providing they are not disruptive and follow the fundamental rules and regulations. 

    Lawful (Excused) Absences are excusable absences permitted by the NC State Board of Education.

    The following are Lawful Absences: 

    • Illness or Injury (1A*)
    • Medical/Dental Appointment (1B)
    • Death in Family (1C)
    • Educational Opportunity which includes trips, college visits (1G)
    • Court Proceedings (1C)
    • Religious Observances (1F)
    • In-School Suspension (3A)
    • Out-of-School Suspension (3)

    *denotes PowerSchool attendance code 


    It is the responsibility of the student to CHECK OUT PROPERLY if leaving school for a legitimate reason. A parent note must be turned in to the attendance office after any absence from school (except school sponsored functions). The note must be brought to the Attendance Office (before 9:20 am, during lunch, or after school) within 3 school days of the return to school or the absence will remain UNEXCUSED. The student is also responsible for requesting any make-up work from each teacher and completing the assignments within the timeframe set by each individual teacher.