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    Teacher Contact info:

    Mrs. Kerrie-Jean King

                 M.F.A. Choreography, University of North Carolina-Greensboro

                 B.F.A. Dance, Florida State University

     Email: kingk@gcsnc.com   phone: 336-643-8449

    About the Dance Program

    The dance program follows the current North Carolina Essential Standards for dance (based on the National Standards for Dance Education) and focuses on dance as an art form within the academic setting.

    The NGHS Dance Program strives to help students perceive and communicate who they are and their ideas of the world around them through choreography and Contemporary dance technique. Dance engages the whole person in moving, thinking and feeling. Students participate in two departmental concerts per year to share what they have learned and expose the larger community to the art form of dance.

    Program Goals:

    • To teach dance as a communicative art form
    • To sustain a community in which individual and cultural differences are respected and celebrated
    • To offer a safe environment for students to explore, take risks and grow as individuals and artists
    • To encourage the community to understand and appreciate the art form of dance
Mrs. King