• Adapted Physical Education

    Adapted physical education is a specially-designed program of motor activities for each child at the school. The motor activities focus on the development of fundamental motor skills which lead to the acquisition of physical and motor fitness, enabling each child to participate to the maximum extent possible in aquatics, dance, body management, group games and sports.

    The physical education teacher strives to develop for each child realistic and age-appropriate goals that challenge each individual to do his or her best and not give up. The provision of specially-designed instruction involves: motivating the child to participate and stay on task, teaching skills to the level of the individual's ability to learn, and practicing those skills until the skills become automatic. The unique qualities of each child dictate individualized instructional techniques, a multitude of equipment modifications, extensive curricular revisions, and a great deal of imagination and creativity.

    The physical education teacher encourages the parents/guardians to take an active role in the planning of the IEP, to visit your child during physical education classes and to volunteer to assist in the implementation of services in your child's class and other classes. On behalf of your child, thank you for all of your support.