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    Room: 289 Ext: 489729

    1st period: Planning

    2nd period: Honors Spanish III

    3rd period: Spanish I  

    4th period: Spanish I  

    5th period: Spanish I  

    6th period: Honors Spanish III  

    I am a native of the Canary Islands. On the right, you are seeing a picture of me and another of the Canteras Beach (Gran Canaria).

    Off the northwest coast of Africa, I had the privilege to grow up surrounded by the sea and people as wide and open as the Atlantic Ocean. I learned to value and understand people from African, Asian,  American, and European cultures and languages.

    Raised among three brothers, father, and brother-in-law soccer fans, I enjoy watching my team´s  and the World Cup matches. Then, I was introduced to American football while getting my Bachelor of Music at the University of Texas in Austin and my PhD in Spanish at Florida State University. So, I like both sports and I am working on adding more to my list.

    If you guessed that I love to learn, you are 100% correct. I look forward to learning from, about, and with you this year.

    Espero que este año sea un año de éxito, aventuras y maravillas. I hope this year is full of success, adventure, and wonder.



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Mayo de 2020
Playa de Las Canteras, Gran Canaria