• Enrollment Criteria for Twilight High School Program


    The purpose of the Twilight High School Program (THSP) is to help students complete their studies and graduate. As of June 2017, THSP has graduated 850+ students.


    The THSP serves 100+ students per year. Each semester, home high schools refer students to Twilight for consideration for enrollment. Most students, who are referred to Twilight, are experiencing academic and/or social circumstances impeding successful high school completion in a regular high school setting.


    When contemplating a potential student referral to THSP, schools should consider the following:

    - Students should be within 8+ credits to be referred. Twilight's focus is to graduate students within one year.

    - Students attending the THSP will need to complete the 22 state required units to graduate.

    - Students must have passed Health/PE, English I and Algebra/Math I prior to attending Twilight.

    - Students must have CPR certification prior to attending THSP. CPR documentation should accompany the referral document if it is not identified on the transcript.

    - Twilight can provide regular EC services. If there are questions regarding whether a particular student referral is appropriate, please contact the Twilight counselors.

    - Once students exit the SCALE Program, they must complete a semester at their home school prior to a referral to THSP.

    - Students should be fifth year seniors or fourth year juniors. We will consider unique situations that are referred to Twilight. We take the oldest students first and then in priority order based upon need.

  • Principal:

    Pandora Bell


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