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  • Blended Learning provides learners with access to high quality instruction through a combination of face-to-face and online learning experiences.  Through this process, the antiquated education model has been transformed into a new exciting one with opportunities for customized, competency-based, anytime - anywhere learning models  that integrate technology and digital media. 

    GCS has defined 4 core areas of focus for Blended Learning that will engage teachers and students along a meaningful collaborative educational journey.  The vehicle of choice is our  "Look-for" document that provides strategies and resources for successful implementation.


    Blended Learning Image of the core 4 areas of focus:  Culture, Ownership/Agency, Differentiation, and Rigor/Mastery


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  • 501 W. Washington St.
    Greensboro, NC 27401 

    School Zones

    Janiese Mckenzie, Director Blended Learning and STEM
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 1

    Maghan Luka, Coordinator Blended Learning Support
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 9

    Richard McGoogan, Lead Teacher Blended Learning Zone 1
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 2

    Shannon Franklin, Lead Teacher Blended Learning Zone 3
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 5

    Lisa Keith, Lead Teacher Blended Learning Zone 4
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 3

    Jessica Lamberth, Lead Teacher Blended Learning Zone 5
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 8

    Amy Morris, Lead Teacher Blended Learning Zone 6
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 7

    Alan Schubert, Lead Teacher Blended Learning Virtual Learning
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 4

    Dianne Woods, Lead Teacher Blended Learning Zone 2 
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 6