• Welcome to 4th Grade!

    Hi! I am so excited to be a part of the MBSE team two years ago. I graduated from Appalachian State University and loved being a Mountaineer. I moved to North Carolina 10 years ago, but I was born in Wisconsin. I am very passionate and excited to be teaching 4th grade this year.  Welcome to 4th grade! I am so excited for this year.  This year we are going to fall in love with learning.  I am very passionate about making 4th grade an amazing year for your students. 

    Contact Ms. Huber:  There are three ways that you may contact me during the school year:

    • E-mail at huberc2@gcsnc.com (I check my e-mail at 7:00, some days during the school day, and again at 3:00-5:00. I will get back to you within 24 hours.)
    • Call me at school (336) 656-4010
    • Write a note in your child’s planner 

    I am available by phone (336) 656-4010, email huberc2@gcsnc.com, and classroom dojo.  I check my email at 7am and 3pm.  I sometimes have time to check my email during the day.  I will get back to you within 24 hours. 

    Start Time:  School will begin at 7:45.  It is important that students arrive before that time because instruction begins at 7:45. 

    Classroom Schedule:

    8am-10am: Reading

    10:05am-10:45: Specials

      Monday: Art

      Tuesday: Media

      Wednesday: Music

           Thursday: PE

         Friday: Technology

    10:50-11:25: Science

    11:30pm-11:55pm: Lunch


    12:00pm-12:20: Recess

    12:30-2:10: Math

    2:10pm-2:20: Pack Up

    2:25 Dismissal  



    Classroom Dojo: Coming home in the Communication tab is a sheet, with a code on how to register for Class Dojo.  I use this website as a way of communication between parents and myself.   If students have a behavior reflection that comes home this is where you will be notified. I will also be giving students points on dojo for excellent behavior.  As a parent you will be able to stay informed about what is happening with the class through Class Dojo. 

    Monday Folder: Each Monday, starting after curriculum night, students will be bringing home a folder.  In the folder on the right side is all of the students graded work for the week.  All of this work is yours to keep once it comes home in the Monday Folder, on the left side is handouts.  On the sheet in the front of the folder there is a place for parents/guardians to sign and date.  Monday folders should be signed and bought back the next day each week. 

    Planner Signature: Students are assigned to read 30 minutes a night.  Parents, or anybody that has watched the student read, should sign the student planner each night.  This lets me know what kind of books the students enjoy, the students reading stamina, and it helps to build their reading fluency. 

    My Contact Information: My school email is huberc2@gcsnc.com and my school phone is 336-656-4010.  Classroom Dojo is also a great way to get in contact with me.  I do check my email at 7:00am and again at 3:00pm.  I sometimes have time to check my email throughout the school day.  I will get back to you within 24 hours.