Hey Bitmoji


    I am excited about the new school year and hope that you are too. It is my hope that this will be an awesome and fantastic year for you, your child, and me.  I have looked forward all summer to working with your children and am ready for the task of preparing them for sixth grade. This year concludes your child’s journey through elementary school, and although we all may face challenges throughout the year, I am here to make it as successful as possible! Below are a few things that I would like to share with you: 

     Parent/ Teacher Relationships are necessary

    It is absolutely necessary for me to have a relationship with you. I need you to assist students with homework, encourage your child to do their best, ensure they are studying each and every week, and remind your child about the proper behavior that should be displayed at school each school day. Please feel free to contact me about student progress, or any problem or challenge that may come up, and update any contact information as it may change throughout the year. I must have a working phone number or way to get in contact with you at all times. Always check for teacher letters and reports.  



    Homework will be given each and every night, Monday- Thursday. Please ask your child to share and show their homework to you. Make sure that your child is completing their homework every night. This is an important part of learning and should be taken seriously. Your child should write their homework down on a daily basis! 



    The 5th grade team is departmentalized. This is a process in which each teacher teaches a different content subject. Each child will rotate to each teacher’s class for that subject. Mathematics will be taught by Mrs. Alston, Science will be taught by Mrs. Peck, and English/Language Arts and Social Studies,  will be taught by Mrs. Wilson.    


    I look forward to meeting each and every one of you over the course of the school year. Please do not hesitate to call or visit our classrooms. We hope that this year will be a great experience for you and your child. If there are any questions or concerns, each teacher can be reached via the school at (336) 656 - 4010.