Transforming learning and life outcomes for all students!

    As a faculty we strive to:


    • Treat all people with respect.

    • Provide daily opportunities for all students to be successful.

    • Communicate regularly and professionally with parents and guardians.

    • Foster the love of learning by teaching the child how to think independently and to solve new problems

    • Provide a curriculum which develops competencies in the basic skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and mathematics.

    • Provide opportunities which encourage creativity.

    • Provide challenges which stimulate and motivate children.

    • Provide experiences which develop an understanding and appreciation of the arts.

    • Provide an environment conducive to the development of the whole child.

    • Provide a variety of classroom structures where the needs of all children are nurtured in a creative environment.


    The mission of McLeansville Elementary School is to be a community of learners who receive individualized instruction and support that challenges students through consistent and diverse teaching methods while building relationships with the belief that all students can therefore grow and achieve.



  • Administration:

    Shannon Vaka, Principal

    Cherlyn Kelley, Curriculum Facilitator



    school hours 
  • School Mascot: Bobcat

    School Colors: Blue, White, and Gold

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