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  • Due to the COVID-19 virus that is hitting our world at an exponential pace Honors Math 1 and Honors Math 2 will be going to online learning via Canvas.  This will be our home away from home until our economy gets back on its feet.


    Answers to Canvas assignments will get posted on Twitter.  Please ensure that you follow me on Twitter for up to date news and answers to assignments.  Twitter is a free app and most students follow me and it is how I communicate with students.  You can follow me @AndrewsNWHSMath.  Students can also get in touch with me by using Canvas messenger or by emailing me at


    Please note that online instruction is far from perfect and is not the same as face-to-face instruction.  But know that I am doing the best that I can with what is provided to me.  Do not worry we will get through this trying time in our history together!


    Canvas work will begin Monday, March 23rd and students should click "Modules" and complete all modules/assignments in order as they appear.


    ***IMPORTANT CANVAS UPDATE***: for the first week of online instruction via Canvas (March 23rd - March 27th), assignments will be review in nature.  This means assignments will not be new course content material.  Also, for the first week assignments will NOT be graded...  The first week of Canvas is meant for students to get familiar with the platform and to extend previously learned content skills.


    Stay healthy and use social distancing and good hygiene practices during this historic time in our world.


    How to log into CANVAS