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    Summer Assignment for Students Entering Latin II:

    Summer Assignment


    My Contact Information:


     ph: 336 525 6947 (texts are accepted)
     email: beachk@gcsnc.com

    My Website: beachlatin.com


    Tutoring offered Monday Afternoons (until 4:30), Tuesday Mornings (from 8:15), Thursday Mornings (from 8:15), and Friday Afternoons (until 4:30). Ask about peer tutors!


    My Class Schedule:

      1st - Latin II
      2nd - Planning
      3rd - Latin II
      4th - Latin II 
      5th - Latin II
      6th - Latin I


    Class Supplies:

    • Binder or Notebook (if using a spiral bound, please be sure to have a folder or pocket for papers)
    • Optional: Secondary Notebook (for practice exercises)
    • Pencils
    • Highlighter or Colored Pencil/Pen
    • Notebook Paper
    • At least one Dry Erase Marker (any color)
Mrs. Beach