• Welcome to the STEM Early College Parent Community!

  • Parents + Students + Teachers = Success

    At the STEM Early College, the students and the teachers are only part of the success that our student's achieve. Our students need the support of the community and the parents in order to be as successful as they can possibly be.

    Attending the STEM Early College is not just about the student. It is a family endeavor that requires dedication and understanding on the part of the parents of our students. The work we do at the STEM Early College requires students to develop college readiness skills in two years, all while mastering advanced and rigorous content and skills in the classroom. Parent support, for both the student and the teacher, is an integral part of the success not only of individual students, but also our entire school community.

    Parents have many options in becoming part of the STEM Early College experience along with their students. As a parent, you are welcome and encouraged to take part in the STEM Early College PTSA to become involved. PTSA Meetings are held every 2nd Thursday at 6pm in Smith Hall- Room 1009.  Parents may also be part of the school leadership team, award ceremony and graduation committees.