• Faculty & Staff 2019-20


    The staff at Bluford Peeler STEAM Academy are dedicated to the future of our children. 

    We believe a child can accomplish anything!



    Ms. Johnita Readus Principal

    Ms.  Kesandra Farmer- Gills 



    Administrative Support Staff

    Mrs. Fran Fretwell, Treasurer

    Ms. Willete Carrington, Data Manager

    Ms. Demetris Lawson- General Assistant




    Mrs. Cindy Donnell

    Ms. Cynthia Johnson

    Ms. Karon Irons-Thomas

    Ms. Brittany Pettiford  

    First Grade

    Ms. Allison Harmon

    Ms. Amy Scott

    Ms. Heather McMurray


    Second Grade

    Ms. Erin Whitt

    Mr. Payton Price

    Ms. Kia Powers 

    Third Grade

    Ms. Tori Blackwell

    Ms. Trineca McCleod

    Ms. Gwendolyn Townsend

    Ms. Skyler Stewart

     Fourth Grade

    Mr. Richard Sherman

    Ms. Jocelyn Bass

    Ms. AnJanette Hunt

    Ms. Hilton 


    Fifth Grade

    Ms. Nicole Griffin

    Ms. Diana Branz

    Ms. Da’jah Rodall 



    Mrs. Dawn Humphrey - Music

    Mr. Harold Chairs - Technology/Engineering( Magnet Coordinator)

    Jenny Hunt: Media Specialist

    Ms. Courtney Ferguson - Science

    Marta Richardson: Violin

    La'Tisha Perry: Dance

    Anthony Steen: Keyboarding

    Ms. Christoffel (Art)  



     Support Staff

    Ms. Kristina Biddle - Curriculum Facilitator

    Ms. Stephanie Lemon - Curriculum Facilitator

    Ms. Melanie McCarthy - Social Worker

    Mr. Larry Haywood - Media Center

    Ms. Jamie Downing - School Nurse

    Shaunta Walker: Reading Specialist

    Ms. Kimberly Gregg - AG

    Ms. Carlisha Smith - School Psychologist

    Ms. Sarah Kolber - Speech 

    Mr. William Sampson - Guidance Counselor

    Ms. Christina Galvin - Exceptional Children

    Mr. Cesar Cabezas-  ESL Teacher  


    Teacher Assistants

    Mrs. Naomi Donnell

    Ms. Resha Hammie

    Ms. Forrestine Henryhand

    Ms. Geneva Lewis

    Mrs. Ashleigh Rodriguez

    Ms. Angelette Willis




    Mr. Romeo Morrisey (Director)

    Mrs. Angela Wike (Group Leader)

    Mr. Romeo Morrisey


    Mr. Warren

     Ms. Katie Sales 

    Ms. Shaunda Wright 



     Ms. Brenda Hawkins - (Manager) 

    Ms. Rosa Price

    Ms. Khristian Smith

    Ms. Tori James






    Mr. Al