• Dear Parents,

    Please be patient while we go through this difficult time. Feel free to email or call me if you have any questions and or concerns. I am here to assist you and your child with anything that I can. For students that have Mrs. Goldin for FOMI- 1st period  and Math I 2nd period please make sure they are signed up for her reminds to help them stay updated on the latest news.  


    How to Access Distance/Online Learning

    We will be using Canvas through the NCEdCloud that is accessed when you log into Power School.  This can be accessed through any tablet, laptop, desktop, or mobile device.  


    1. Please be sure to have/know your Student ID #.  I can help you with that if you do not know this number or you can call the main office.
    2. Go to NCEdCloud (http://ncedcloud.org)
    3. Type in your username/password
    4. Your Username will be your Power School Student ID
    5. Your Password: MMDDYYYY
    6. Click on the RED Canvas icon.
    7. Once on Canvas, look for your course, click on the course(s) that you are in.
    8. Once inside of your course, Announcements, Attachments, Videos, and Assignments will be found under the topics of study that are created for each course, so that it is organized by Unit.


    We recognize that virtual learning will not take the place of or be of the same quality or quantity as our day-to-day instruction our students normally receive.  

    Thank you for your willingness to embrace this new challenge!

    We are exploring ways to provide devices to students who may not have a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.  Once we have further information, we will share this with you.

    Spectrum has announced that it is providing internet connectivity, at NO CHARGE, for 60 days for students who qualify for free- and reduced-priced meals.  You will need to go to Spectrum's website to sign up and read for further details.


    Again, we will provide more details in the upcoming days.  We appreciate your patience during this time.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.  See below for Mrs. Goldin's remind for the periods that I work with her.

    Mrs. Goldin's remind:

    Period 1: @c9hdek

    Period 2: @math1pei


    Antonia Clayton 2019/2020 Class Schedule


    1st- Foundations Math I - Inclusion with Jennifer Goldin Room 413

    2nd- Math I - Inclusion with Jennifer Goldin Room 413

    3rd- English III- Inclusion with Lora Medley room 106

    4th- Planning- Room 134

    5th- English IV- Inclusion with Lora Medley room 106

    6th- English IV- Inclusion with Lora Medley room 106


    My contact information

    email: claytoa@gcsnc.com

    336-605-3300 ext 205956 or