• Text reading "Get the jump on your college career with dual enrollment"

    As a Junior or Senior at The STEM Early College, you have access to North Carolina A&T's campus and professors. You will begin your college career the first day of your junior year when you become a dual-enrolled student. This means that you are still earning credit for high school, but you are also earning college credit as well!

    You will choose from one of our pre-defined STEM pathways to begin your junior year. You are required to take a math and a science each semester, and will continue in your English studies to complete your high school graduation requirements. It is important to note that your performance at the college level does affect your high school GPA. Dual-enrollment courses are weighted the same as an honors course in high school. The grades you make in your college courses will follow you to your college of choice after graduation. You could enter your freshman year of college with 45-55 credits already!

    It is important as a dual-enrolled student to be well aware of the policies of NC A&T and Guilford County Schools. As a dual-enrolled student, you are responsible for knowing and following the guidelines of both institutions at all times. Remember that you are still a STEM student! 

    You will have full access to the Bluford Library collections, the fitness and recreation center, and labs and events on campus. This is an opportunity for you to take full advantage of everything the STEM Early College and its partnership with NC A&T have to offer!