• Principal: Ms. Felicia Bowser

    School Hours: 7:15 am-2:10 pm


    2022-2023 School Year Theme: Falcons S.O.A.R.

History of Frazier Elementary School

  • Cyrus P. Frazier Elementary School has a very rich history and was named after Cyrus Pickett Frazier who was a native of North Carolina. Mr. Frazier was born in Randolph County on August 25, 1853 to Harrison and Gracett Pickett Frazier. His father, having been a school teacher at one time, was especially active in church work, in the promotion of progress through education and in politics. Through his family's public spirited heritage, he became a man of many diversified interests. He had thoughts "far beyond his years" and was highly conscious of the ignorance that existed among people. This heightened awareness sparked his determination to acquire an education at an early age. 

    He attended elementary classes in the rural school near his home until all public education in the state collapsed at the end of the Civil War.  However, he somehow managed to continue his preparation for college entrance for several years. He eventually was accepted at Duke University and received a degree of Bachelor of Arts in 1877. He went on to continue his education at Haverford College where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree. 

    He accepted a job as a professor at Trinity College and taught for three years. Also during this time, he earned a higher scholastic rank by qualifying for the degree of Master of Arts. After the Civil War, he left Trinity College to serve for three years as principal of the Woodland Academy at Goldsboro, then accepted an assignment as head of the Bush Hill Academy at Archdale, and from there in 1885 came to Greensboro as superintendent of the graded public schools; he resigned from this position in 1888 due to impaired hearing. 

    Mr. Frazier entered the business world and worked in the furniture and hardware industry before infiltrating the insurance business. This path led to him serving as the director of Pilot Life Insurance Company for many years. This man of many talents also had a hand in the organization and was a director of the Bank of South Greensboro which was a forerunner of present-day branch banks scattered over the Greensboro area. The greatest business venture of Cyrus Frazier, however, was in real estate. Through his purchase of a large section of land in southwest Greensboro, he divided it into streets and subdivided it into lots. As the story goes, he sold these lots to people who otherwise would not have been able to become home owners. He immersed himself in "public pursuits" and community activities after stepping away from his countless for-profit business ventures. 

    He was a "staunch and devout Quaker." He became one of the founders of the first Friends Monthly Meeting (Church) in Greensboro and was instrumental in building two meeting houses for the Quakers. He served the meeting as an overseer and elder and became its Bible School superintendent and a class teacher. 

    He never lost interest in education and according to a tribute from the Guilford College Board of Trustees, he was a member of that body from 1901-1931.  e had a natural talent for public speaking and was for a time the editor of the North Carolina Prohibitionist. He was twice a nominee for the position of superintendent of public instruction in North Carolina, twice a nominee for the North Carolina General Assembly, and once a nominee for the Congress of the United States. 

    He quietly and unobtrusively, freely and entirely gave of himself for the development of his community and wholesome living until his death on March 30, 1933. It is our belief that he would be proud of Frazier today and would feel proud that our mission reflects his life's work....ACCEPT. DISCOVER. SERVE. INSPIRE.

Frazier Pledge

  • As a Frazier Falcon, I will 

    Show integrity 

    Overcome obstacles 

    Always try my best, and be

    Responsible for myself and my actions.




Mission Statement

  • At Frazier, we will create a community that is student centered, provides effective instruction and recognizes growth and excellence. 

Vision Statement

  • Life-long learners who seek excellence and make positive contributions to their communities.