• Daily Schedule

    1st-period Foundations of Math 2 Inclusion with Ms. Walker

    2nd period Math 2 Inclusion with Ms. Walker

    3rd Period Foundations of Math 1/Skills Development

    4th Period Foundations of Math 2

    Hello Students and Parents!

    I will be posting online-based assignments via our Canvas Portal during the school closure period.  Your students can access these assignments by logging into Powerschool (how they check their grades) then clicking on the Canvas Link.

    You can contact me via email (gurkine@gcsnc.com) or via text message 336 298 1802 for help.  I will respond as soon as I can.



    Monday, March 23rd, teachers will officially open up their Canvas courses. Please know that all assignments next week are opportunities for extended learning. Assignments posted next week will NOT be recorded for a grade in PowerSchool. They are for review, practice, and enrichment as we prepare for the following weeks. You should begin getting comfortable maneuvering through Canvas if you aren’t already. Parents, please go to the GCS website for instructions and guides to help you set up an account so that you can monitor your student’s activity on Canvas.  I am here to assist students and parents in any way throughout the weeks to come.
    I would love to have direct contact information (email or cell phone number) for students to provide assistance. You can email me that information, if your student would like to have direct contact.
    I am available to communicate in the following ways:
    1. Email:  gurkine@gcsnc.com
    2. Text/Call: 336 298 1802
    3. Skype/Google Hangouts/Conference on Canvas to assist students with assignments/tutoring via video chat.  Please email or text me to setup a time for this.  
    Before Monday:
    1. Make sure your student can long onto Canvas.  Here is the steps for this:  https://www.gcsnc.com/domain/18233.  Staff is consistently checking Canvas to see which students have been able to get on.  We can see when students have logged on and accessed a class.  Again, you should  not be completing assignments yet.  I suggest just logging on and exploring.  
    2. If you need a student password reset please contact me.  
    3. One of the courses your student should see once logged in is an advisory course.  That is connected to me.  I will post useful resources for them there.

    Emily Gurkin

    EC Department Head



    Online graphing calculator:  https://www.desmos.com/calculator