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When am I ever gonna use this?
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  • Discrete Math

    I have made the assignments very easy to complete through Canvas. Simply click on an assignment, open the link for reading material (like using textbook), and then go to the quiz for that section under the Quizzes tab. Simply type in three highlights of the section, no need to write 100 words. The only assignments needing to be done on a separate piece of paper, take pic, and upload or email are Chp 13 Vocab and any previous assignments to Chp 13. ONLY DO ASSIGNMENTS YOU KNOW YOU DIDN'T ALREADY TURN IN PRIOR TO SCHOOL CLOSING! Email me with questions or message me through Canvas

    My focus for this week 3.30.20-4.3.20 will be to get caught up on assignments through 13.2/Ex A, and begin working on the remaining assignments for Chp 13 on Canvas. No quizzes or tests are posted to the gradebook currently. All assignments that have been done through 13.2 in Canvas have been retro'd in the gradebook for assignments due prior to school closure

    If you don't have a book, resource material will be provided for you on Canvas for making up missing work for Chp 13 starting 3.23.20. You may also email me as needed to ask questions about how to submit assignments

    All assignments are now published and working! Thanks for emailing!

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  • H Pre-Calculus

    Please go to Quizzes on Canvas and complete the Assignment Attestation Quiz

    Goals for the week of 3.30.20-4.3.20 are to continue working through Parametric and Polar enrichment and review, completing the practices on your own with the guide of the videos I provided. I really spent some quality time finding videos I felt explained these topics easily and in a fun way. Complete the practice quizzes included within the notes/assignments  as extended learning (answers are included, of course), and be looking for a Parametric/Polar review test posted soon. I will post the answer key on twitter probably by Wed or Thurs. I have not assigned any quizzes through Canvas yet. Once we have approval to do so, I will create a quiz/test through Canvas.

    Once you come back in from playing outside in the beautiful weather, be sure to go back through the trig equation quiz solutions video. No one has said they can't read it, so I'm assuming you have access to a laptop or computer and you can make it big enough and change the quality to 1080p. But let me know if you can't, I can make future videos bigger!

    As you have noticed, I am going back and doing review of topics to prep you for Calculus next year. Be looking for a video tutorial on Oblique Triangle Test Solutions as one of these reviews.

    Extended learning, enrichment, review, practice and tutorials are now permitted and available on Canvas. Look for Midterm Review 1 and 2. Video tutorials for Oblique Triangles will remain on my website under the H PreCal tab. Answers to those Midterm Reviews are found @eleanor_67

    Canvas content will start with Parametrics and Polar. Notes, assignments, videos, quizzes and tests(not to be graded yet) will post on Canvas beginning 3.23.20

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  • You may email me with questions at any time hamiltj@gcsnc.com

    You may also follow me @eleanor_67 for info and answers to assignments going forward

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