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  • Welcome to Cathy Haywood's  Chemistry Webpage


    Future AP chemistry students, Please:

    1) Please email me (haywooc@gcsnc.com) and introduce yourself (I'd like to go ahead and get my email list set up).

    2) begin working on the optional (but highly recommended) summer assignment (I will be posting answers before school begins). You can find the assignment below.

    3)  download the 2020 beginning handout, also below. (you only need to print out and turn in the last page).


    Feel free to email any questions over the summer! 


    Stay healthy!!!


    The FRQ keys and powerpoints are for my current AP students :) 


    Stay healthy and safe!


     I send out weekly email updates (there is a place to sign up for the emails on the student information sheet given out on the first day of class) if you would like to be added to the list - feel free to email me at haywooc@gcsnc.com


    AP info found on the link to the left - packets by email! 




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