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  • Welcome to Cathy Haywood's  Chemistry Webpage

    Useful links include: copies of packets (which include problem sets- the start-up packet includes the syllabus, class rules and grading guidelines), and copies of projects.   Please note that some dates have more than one assignment due; students are expected to manage their time and assignments (assignments are given out with at least a week's notice; projects are given out with at least a month's notice). *The test days for science have been changed to Wed/Fri.

     I send out weekly email updates (there is a place to sign up for the emails on the student information sheet given out on the first day of class) if you would like to be added to the list - feel free to email me at haywooc@gcsnc.com


    I teach honors chemistry and AP chemistry with 2nd pd planning

    AP info found on the link to the left - packets by email! 

    My Tutoring is on Thursday mornings at 8 am and announced afternoons (day varies; at least once per week, announced the week before)

    Tutoring is also offered on Tuesday mornings with Ms. Pidsosny in room 433

    and Wednesday mornings with Ms. Wells in room 435


    If you would like to join my Remind messages; on your phone:

    Text this number: 81010

    And then chose the text message below that correlates to your chemistry class! (Students we will do this together in class on Monday – but you are welcome to join earlier).

    Text this message:  AP 1st pd:   @76e673

    AP 4th pd:   @46g483

    AP 6th pd:   @haabbe

    Honors Chemistry 3rd & 5th pd:  @ebkk94

    Chemistry grades are updated weekly with test grades put into PowerSchool within 24 hours.

     AP chemistry due dates/daily homework on AP link to the left! 

    Honors Chemistry Due Dates  Stoichiometry

    Problem set  (all review!) Tues 1-14

    Vocab quiz: Thur 1-16

    (the definitions are already posted on my web page!)

    Test: Fri 1-17




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