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  • Welcome to Cathy Haywood's  Chemistry Webpage

    Useful links include: copies of packets (which include problem sets- the start up packet includes the syllabus, class rules and grading guidelines), and copies of projects.   Please note that some dates have more than one assignment due; students are expected to manage their time and assignments (assignments are given out with at least a week's notice; projects are given out with at least a month's notice). 

     I send out weekly email updates (there is a place to sign up for the emails on the student information sheet given out on the first day of class) if you would like to be added to the list - feel free to email me at haywooc@gcsnc.com


    I teach honors chemistry and AP chemistry with 5th pd planning

    AP info found on the link to the left - packets by email!

    My Tutoring is on Thursday mornings at 8 am and announced afternoons (day varies; at least once per week, announced the week before)

    Tutoring is also offered on: Tuesday mornings with Ms. Pidsosny in room 433

    and Wednesday mornings with Ms. Wells in room 435


    If you would like to join my Remind messages; on your phone:

    Text this number: 81010

    And then chose the text message below that correlates to your chemistry class! (Students we will do this together in class on Monday – but you are welcome to join earlier).

    Text this message:  AP 1st pd:    @697hbd

    Honors Chemistry 2nd pd:    @fk3k22

    Honors Chemistry 3rd pd:    @c49g84

    AP 4th pd:    @ac3hh9

    AP 6th pd:   @69gf8f2

    Chemistry grades are updated weekly with test grades put in the day the test is taken.

     AP chemistry due dates/daily homework on AP link to the left!

    Honors Chemistry Due Dates Stoichiometry:

    Cumulative midterm (will be second quarter remediation grade) moved to after break: Tues Jan 8th

    Problem set  (all review!) Wed 1-16

    tentative lab days: Thursday 1-17 & Fri 1-18

    Voc quiz: Tuesday  1-23

    (the definitions are already posted on my web page!)

    Test Thursday 1-24


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