• Thank you for visiting! Please visit Canvas for in-depth information about our course. For the first nine weeks of this school year, students will access all assignments and live teaching through Canvas. For a preview of what we will be learning this year, you may visit kerstingscience.weebly.com. While I only keep that website up-to-date when we are learning face-to-face, you may find it a helpful overview of our course.


    We will begin our school year on Canvas, a digital learning platform. Please familiarize yourself with the login process and ensure you have access to our course once logging in. If you need help logging in, check out these directions. Please do not hesitate to email me at kerstim@gcsnc.com with questions.


    This is going to be a new adventure for all of us. We will weather this storm together and I will do everything I can to make YOUR vessel work for you so you can be successful in our course and beyond. I will guide you through an awesome science course that will challenge you and help you grow to be a scientific thinker and reasoner.