• Welcome to 3D Modeling and Animation (M & A)! 

    3D Viking


    Introduction to 3d modeling and animation (M&A) introduces students to techniques used in CG effects, animated films and video games. The focus of this course is learning the techniques, tools and workflow used by professionals in the field. Students will learn in-depth techniques in Autodesk 3ds Max 2018, with some targeted work in Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere Pro. At the end of the course, students may have the opportunity to obtain the Autodesk 3d Max User certification. Much of the work done in this class is project-based, requiring the student to develop long-term time management skills and self-discipline.

    Topics to be covered in class include:

    • User Interface and Workflow Management
    • Basic Modeling Techniques
    • Materials and Shading
    • Lighting and Rendering
    • Cameras
    • Animation and Rigging


    Class Info

    Instructor: Cassie Kirby-Smith

    Room: 309 (Technology Center)

    Phone: (336) 605-3300

    (voicemail ext. 206942)

    Email: kirbysc@gcsnc.com


    Required Materials 2018-2019

    Earbuds/Headphones REQUIRED!! 

                  Note: Please do not send expensive/designer headphones with your student. Headphones become "lost" frequently.

    Folder, for handouts

    Spiral notebook or composition notebook (1-subject) for daily journals

    Pens and Pencils

    Optional: 4-8 GB flash drive (This is not required because you will be storing most of your work on a GCS OneDrive account.)


    Ms. Kirby-Smith’s Schedule 2018-2019

    1st - 4th: Intro to Modeling and Animation

    5th period: Planning

    6th period: Intro to Modeling and Animation

    Tutoring available most days between 3:50pm-5:00pm.

    Please let me know ahead of time if you plan to stay after school. I will NOT be available to those who choose to waste valuable class time.



Ms. Kirby-Smith