COURSE NAME: Physical Science

    TEACHER:  Megan Laughlin

    ROOM: 127

    E-MAIL: laughlm@gcsnc.com

    PHONE: (336) 605-3300 ext.: 1626

    Tutoring Times:

                Tuesday and Thursday at 8am

                 Monday and Wednesday until 4:30pm 

                 Available by appointment as well.


    Remind Code: Sign up for class updates by texting your class code to 81010.

    1st Period: @a4da86c

    2nd Period: @3d92kf

    3rd Period: @deh37b

    4th Period: @7bdgg2

    6th Period: @9bd3dk


    Course Description: This course is designed to serve as a foundation for physics and chemistry knowledge. Laboratory and problem-solving activities will be used to engage students with the curriculum. This course will include the following units:

    • Measurement and Unit Conversions
    • Motion and Forces
    • Types, Properties, and Structures of Matter
    • Chemical Bonding and Reactions
    • Radioactivity and Types of Decay
    • Types of Energy, Conservation of Energy and Energy Transfer
    • Nature and Types of Waves
    • Electricity and Magnetism



    Classwork, Homework, and Participation- 35 % - If the class is on task, there should be enough time to finish classwork during the class period. Work that is not complete becomes homework. Homework needs to be completed by the start of the next class.  Bell-Ringer questions and Exit Ticket questions will be used to gain participation points. Lab activities will be completed in class; lab worksheets may need to be finished for homework.   


    Notebook Check – 15% - Notebooks will be collected at the start of class on test days.  Points will be earned by having all the notes and assignments for the unit completed and organized using the teacher-made table of contents.  Each page of the notebook will be worth a certain amount of points; blank and partially completed assignments will earn zero points. Your name must be printed on the front of your binder.


    Tests/Quizzes - 50% - Tests will be cumulative and will occur at the end of each unit.  There will be a benchmark exam at the end of each quarter that can replace your lowest test grade for that quarter.  Quizzes will be both announced and unannounced.  Quizzes will pertain to what was done in class on previous days and will serve as comprehension checks. Your lowest quiz grade for each quarter will be dropped.


    Grading Scale:


                A = 90 – 100    B = 80 – 89    C = 70 - 79      D = 60 – 69     F = 0 - 59            



    • Since the class consists mainly of group work and labs, attendance is very important. Students should attend class daily.  Lab work cannot be made up at home, so if a student misses class they will have to make up the assignment before or after school.  
    • If you are absent, please check the missed work folder at the front of the room. You will have 3 days after an absence to make up the work that you missed. You are responsible for finding and completing missed work. 
    • If you are going on a school and/or family trip, please provide the teacher with at least a weeks’ notice so that work can be gathered. Assignments will be due upon the student’s return.

    Hall Pass Policy: Students will get 3 hall passes to use per quarter. You must raise your hand and ask the teacher before leaving the classroom. If you are not in your assigned seat not only will you be marked absent, but this will also count as one of your hall passes. ***If you do not use your hall passes, you can earn 10 points on the benchmark exam for the quarter(remember, this exam replaces your lowest test grade for the quarter).***

    Tardy Policy:

     An unexcused tardy occurs when a student enters the classroom after the beginning of class tone sounds and they fail to posses a note. A student who is more than 10 minutes late will be referred to the office for skipping. 

    1st Tardy: Warning

    2nd Tardy: ASD

    3rd Tardy: ASD

    4th Tardy: ASD

    5+ Tardy: Office Referral and ISS All Day

    Tardy counts restart each semester

    Class Expectations:

    1. Follow all directions the first time they are given.
    2. Be respectful to the teacher, your peers, and the classroom. Interruptions and rudeness are not tolerated. No running, yelling, or throwing objects. Do not leave trash in the classroom. Raise your hand and ask before leaving your seat.
    3. Be prepared. Come to class on time, ready to learn, and with all necessary materials. Keep assignments organized in your binder; do not throw anything out.
    4. Be honest and do your own work. Cheating will not be tolerated. Phones will be placed in the cell phone cubbies on quiz and test days.
    5. Stay focused. Cell phones and other electronics must be kept out of sight unless authorized by the teacher. Stay in your assigned seats and do not distract your peers.


    Lab Expectations:

    1. Follow all directions the first time they are given.
    2. No food or drink in the lab.
    3. Act calmly and speak quietly when working on lab activities.
    4. Absolutely no horseplay is allowed.

    Failure to follow lab expectations will result in the loss of lab privileges for the individual or the class based on the teacher’s discretion. My utmost priority is student safety.


    Consequence Hierarchy:

    #1: Verbal Warning and/or Student- Teacher Conference after Class

    #2: After School Detention with the Teacher

    #3: Parent Contact #1 and ASD

    #4: Parent Contact #2 and ASD

    #5: Office Referral

    Severe noncompliance will result in an immediate office referral and/or removal from the classroom.


    Class Supplies:

    Required supplies: 3-ring notebook (1 inch or larger), calculator, pencils, pens, and notebook paper. 

    Recommended supplies: color pencils, notecards, highlighters, ruler, scissors, glue stick


    Classroom Wish List:

    Tissues, Hand Sanitizer, Clorox Wipes, Expo Markers


    Parental/Guardian Contact:

    Parents/Guardians will be contacted when a student consistently fails to abide by the class expectations or when their grade drops to a D or F.  I will also send out occasional class update emails to the address provided on the signed syllabus agreement form due by Wednesday 8/28.  Please check your student’s assignments in PowerSchool occasionally to see how they are doing. Every student can succeed if they keep up with the work in my class. I’m looking forward to a positive and productive school year!