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    • PLEASE VISIT http://russillo.weebly.com/ FOR ALL ANATOMY AND/OR ASTRONOMY AND/OR CHESS CLUB INFORMATION, heavy-duty mythbusting, and general science awesomeness. (I have not one but two eclipse web pages, to give you an idea of the breadth & depth of my nerd-dork-geekitude.)
    • SCHEDULE: Anatomy 1st, 2nd, 5th & 6th  /  Astronomy 3rd / Planning 4th
    • SYLLABUS/EXPECTATIONS: Go to the above Weebly (or click this incredibly handy link!) to DL Expectations/Syllabus sheets.
    • CONTACTrussils@gcsnc.com  email is best but if you must call, there's G Voice: (336) 289-9273
    • TUTORING: Tutoring is TBA at the moment, but you can ALWAYS email me, and there will also be virtual "office hours" in addition to virtual class times. (If you do email we could do a tutoring session onscreen right then if I'm not, say, in a meeting at that moment!)


Mr Russillo