- Online learning during the mandatory COVID-19 situation will be provided via the Canvas platform provided to each student through his/her PowerSchool login.  If you cannot get logged into PowerSchool, please let me know so I can help. 

    - "Official" assignments/lessons will not begin until Monday, March 23.  In the meantime, it would be helpful to make sure everything with regard to Canvas is working properly for you.

    - Please go to Canvas and make sure all your classes are there.  Let your teacher know sooner rather than later if you are having trouble getting access to one or more of your classes.

    - If you are not signed up for my Remind messages, PLEASE do so using the codes below.  This is very important.  

    - Calculators are available to be signed out this week (3/16-3/20) from the hours of 10-2.  Go to the library and someone should be able to help you.

    - Please understand we are asking many of the same questions you are; we don't have the answers yet.  Stay calm.  Everyone is doing the best they can.


    To sign up for Remind:

    For Honors Discrete, text @hondis19 to 81010           

    For Honors Math 3, text @sesshm3 to 81010               

    For AP Stats, text @sess6thper to 81010                       


    My email:  sessomh@gcsnc.com 






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