• hello sunshine

    I am pumped for the upcoming school year! I look forward to the opportunity of getting to know each of you, so please take advantage of any chance to communicate with me. In addition to teaching English, I am also the Staff Coach of the NW Elite Dance Ensemble. For subject-specific information, please refer to your course Canvas page for further details. Feel free to communicate with me through the following methods: Canvas, Remind (see Canvas courses), email, or phone calls. Below is my contact information and schedule: 

    Email: skordak@gcsnc.com

    NWHS phone: 336-605-3300 

    Room: 108



    1st period- English 10 w/Ms. McMillan (9:25-10:21)

    2nd period- Planning (10:27-11:20)

    3rd period- English 10 w/Ms. McMillan (11:26-12:56) 

    4th period- Honors English 10 (1:02-1:55)

    *HOMEROOM/WIN (2:01-2:27)

    5th period- Honors English 10 (2:33-3:26)

    6th period- English 10 (3:32-4:25)



    Mondays- English Tutoring

    Tuesdays- PLC's (department/faculty only)

    Wednesdays- Study Hall

    Thursdays- Creative Writing Club

    Fridays- English Tutoring


    Kristin Skordahl

    English Department 

    NW Elite Dance Coach

Kristin Skordahl