• My class is all about teaching my students to appreciate history.  In a  perfect world they would do that naturally but in our modern  hyper-interactive world that usually isn't the case.  My goal is to  bridge the gap between their lives and the lives of the past through use of modern technology and techniques.

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    Tutoring is Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00pm-5:00pm



    1st Period: H. World History

    2nd Period: H. World History

    3rd Period: Planning

    4th Period: H. World History

    5th Period: H. World History 

    6th Period: H. World History

     World History Patterns of Interaction Textbook PDF---->Textbook

    Remind101 Instructions Below


    All students need to complete the below google doc for their first official grade by September 4th. Google Doc

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