• Welcome, fourth grade world changers!   We will continue to learn how to become responsible citizens of our school, our community, our state, and the world!  It is my goal to encourage each of you to reach your potential through guided practice, cooperative learning, and independent study activities. Our plans for the year are developed based on the guidelines set by North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and Guilford County Schools.  We teach Essential Standards for Science and Social Studies for Fourth Grade. We use the Quarterly Pacing Guides and unit guidelines available through Guilford County Schools.


    We will improve our literacy skills and knowledge of the world by reading a wide variety of materials including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama. Through the framework of the American Reading Company (ARC) we will also use a variety of strategies to develop our writing skills through doing research for informational writing and studying story elements for narrative writing.   We will work to become increasingly proficient in active listening, speaking, and using media and technology. 


    In math we will strive to build upon the concepts that we have learned adding measurement of angles, multiplication and division of multi-digit numbers, measurement problems, fractions, and decimals to our repertoire. We will use manipulatives as well as relevant and authentic word problems and appropriate technology to learn and apply these concepts.


    In social studies we will have the opportunity to explore our state to develop an understanding of North Carolina's geography, economy, government, history, and resources. We will use the science skills of investigating, observing, describing, classifying, identifying, evaluating, and recording to explore several topics:  how various forces affect the motion of an object, rocks and minerals, basic forms of energy, fossils and changes in the surface of the Earth, animal adaptations, and food and nutrition. 


    Parents are our partners in the education of our students and there will be opportunities for adults to assist and enhance our learning adventure this year. Volunteers and visitors are encouraged to offer their time and skills to help us become the best we can be. For safety and efficiency, please arrange your visit in advance and remember to sign-in at the office when you arrive.





Wise Owl