• Honors Chemistry Guidelines: 2020-2021


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    Chemistry is a challenging, cumulative subject.  You will have a chance to apply learned math skills.  Success requires staying current and aiming for a real understanding of each concept.


    We practice safe science at all times.  Horseplay, unauthorized experimentation, vandalism, theft, or intentional violation of any safety policy outlined in your safety rules will result in permanent exclusion from the laboratory activities and area.  Safety goggles, aprons, and close toe shoes must be worn for ALL laboratory work.  Gloves are always available.  Gloves must be worn if your skin is broken/cut, irritated, or overly sensitive; and when specified for work with certain chemicals.  Inform me of serious allergies.



    • 3 Ring notebook with one divider (1” ring size is too small.) Materials accumulate in the notebook throughout the semester.

    Notebooks are to include all unit assignments.  One divider is needed to mark the beginning of each unit's work for scoring.  Notebook checks are a large percentage of the point total each grading period.  If absent, be sure to get classwork and notes made up before the notebook check.  Your first and last name must be placed on the cover of the notebook.  Work is required to be saved in a notebook throughout the semester.

    • Scientific calculator

    Any scientific or graphing calculator will do.  You will need a ‘scientific notation’ function, marked 'EE' on the keypad.  Bring the calculator to class each day.  The library has calculators available for annual check-out

    Grading Policy

    During On-Line Instruction (1st Qtr and 2nd Qtr)

    NWHS Policy High Points

    • All classwork, quizzes, and tests must be submitted before the end of the quarter in which they are assigned.
    • Teachers may close a test or quiz window after the due date; however, students contacting the teacher can request a make-up time.
    • All classwork submitted within seven days of the due date is considered on time.  After seven days, a late penalty of no more than 25% of the assignment value may be deducted.

    1st and 2nd Quarter Weighted Grade Averages

    60%  Unit assignments (Instructional practice sets, virtual lab reports, readings, etc.)

    15%  Unit Problem Set ( Each unit contains one graded problem set.  Only handwritten work is accepted as a scan or photo through Canvas.

    25%  Major Assessments ( Unit tests, projects, major quizzes.)

    After Return to the Classroom  45% Unit assignments  55% Major assessments



    No points are awarded for assignment submissions based on the use of unauthorized materials or the fraudulent use of another person’s work. 


    Make-Up Policy

    Students are responsible for making up all missed work in a timely manner.  Live virtual instruction sessions are recorded to allow absent student access.



    Most students count on this course to prepare them for future science classes; including college chemistry.  In order to meet that goal, you must understand the underlying concepts behind the problems you work or activities.  You will only retain concepts that you make your own.  Do your own work and you achieve real learning.

     Be as kind as you can, to everyone that you can,

     every day that you can.

    And . . . .

     If it matters to you, be persistent.




  • Linked form to request a GCS laptop:

    Equipment Request

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  • Please complete the following by August 19:

    1. Linked Google form for Student Information.

    Student Information

    2.  Join Remind.  Find the Remind codes in "Helpful Resources" on this page.

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  • Class Wish List

    The following items are always in demand:

    • Tissue
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Pencils/Pens for sharing
    • Clorox wipes
    • Donations to the NWHS Science Activity Fund
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