• WELCOME-Bienvenidos-Bienvenue-Shalom-Marhaba-An-yung-ha-say-o--Bienvenuto--Dobrodolski--Ni-hao--Velkom--Velkommen!   Thank you for visiting my English Learner (EL) class website. I feel so lucky to have such a diverse population of students here at Jefferson Elementary, and enjoy teaching children from all over the world.


    In the Guilford County Schools EL program and in my classroom we are focusing on teaching complex and compelling texts through the 3Ls Framework (by Fillmore & Cucchiarra).  The 3Ls stand for Learning, Language and Literacy--our primary goal is to promote learning, while incorporating language and literacy instruction.  We use grade-level and above materials to promote rigorous learning, but we scaffold the learning for our EL students with strategies that include "framed motivation," "word play," reading closely with text dependent questions, "juicy sentences," and differentiated tasks.


    Please feel free to contact me via e-mail, phone or in person.  I am teaching classes from 7:50 a.m. until the end of the school day, but I can always take a moment to set up an appointment with you if you need to talk at length.

Mrs. Ott