• Community and School

    Located in the Southwestern quadrant of Greensboro, NC, Ben L. Smith High School is centrally located within Guilford County. Greensboro is a city of approximately 250,000 residents. The Smith High School student population, which consists of students from forty-four different countries, reflects its diversity thereby adding to the richness of the school population.

    Smith’s main campus, built in 1963 continues to grow. Additions completed throughout the late 1960’s and 1970’s have created a complex facility which includes tennis courts, a swimming pool, a football stadium, an auditorium, a track and field area, two gyms, a weight room and computer labs. In 2006, an additional 59,000 square feet of space have been added to the campus’s main buildings, enlarging many existing rooms and adding additional classrooms, computer labs, and office spaces.

    The Curriculum

    Smith is a four-year comprehensive high school offering extension courses at the Weaver Education Center. Although Smith has historically operated on a traditional six class-period day, a four-by-four block schedule was implemented for the 2001-2002 school year. For this reason, a total of 28 units will be required for graduation. Please check with your counselor to ensure that you are fulfilling graduation requirements. Smith is an International Baccalaureate School.

Black and White image of Ben L. Smith who the school is named after.
  • Ben L. Smith

    "He was gentle, yet rugged in the face of difficulties; fair, yet tolerant; exacting, yet compassionate; dignified, yet with a ready wit and an affectionate sense of humor; never mean, nor base, but always kind and considerate, with a keen sensitivity for the plight of his fellowman.  Men of his stature are not counted among the common lot.  They stand apart from their fellowmen like some tall tree that has outgrown the surrounding forest."

    Career Milestones

    1916 Principal (Catawba County Farm Life School - Newton, NC)
    1917-1919 (U.S. Army - 2nd Lieutenant, Cavalry Division) W.W.I
    1919-1924 Superintendent (Forest City, NC)
    1924-1929 Superintendent (Rutherford-Spindale Public Schools)
    1929-1936 Superintendent (Shelby Public Schools)
    1936 Masters Degree - Duke University
    1950-1951 - President-General of the Horace Mann League of the United States
    1936-1958 Superintendent (Greensboro Public Schools)