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Mr. Ron Luciano


August 16, 2022


Dear Jones Families,


Welcome to the start of the 2022-2023 school year. We are extremely excited to have you and your child with us at David D. Jones Elementary School!


We have had a very busy and productive summer! 


A few highlights:

  • We will continue with our 1:1 device program this year. Putting technology in the hands of students provides them with a valuable tool, to enhance their learning.
  • Having the technology is only part of the process in 2022-2023. It is critical that we teach students the skills and responsibilities needed to effectively utilize and maintain our “state of the art” technology.  Our media specialist and STEAM teacher, SuAnn Klawitter and Terry Phillips respectively, will continue as part of the cultural arts team this year!  They will work with all K-5 students, to provide media, digital media, and digital media skills instruction as part of the curriculum. 
  • I am also excited to share fantastic news concerning our traditional, English program in kindergarten and first grade. We will continue to incorporate bilingual instruction into their everyday work!  This is another opportunity to build a global language and leadership model housed under one roof!  


Our Open House will be Wednesday, August 24, 2022 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm.  Open House is a time to learn who your child’s teacher will be for the upcoming school year. You may visit the classroom to meet the teacher and see where your child will be while at school. However, this is not a time for a conference. Please schedule appointments prior to the beginning of school, if you would like to speak privately with your child’s teacher.


School Safety:

Please make sure that you review the enclosed arrival and dismissal maps.

  • Remember, each day I have over 700 students and 100 staff members who enter this building. The plans and procedures that I put into place ensure the safety of all and allow for expeditious daily arrival and dismissal.  These rules and guidelines are non-negotiable.
  • Please follow all staff directions and remember that our community thrives because we are always respectful of each other.
  • Based on our most current health guidelines, I am allowing parents/guardians to walk their child to their classroom each morning from Monday, August 29th through Friday, September 23rd. This will allow all of you a chance to see this wonderful place “live”.  Parents/Guardians are never allowed down the halls during dismissal.
  • Beginning Monday, September 26, 2022 Parents/Guardians will not be allowed down the halls at arrival. At that time, we will begin scanning students in each morning using the GCS OneCard ID System.
  • All outer doors, mobile doors, classroom doors and front entrance doors will always remain locked. Our Ashe Street entrance has a guest button you will use to ring to the office.  Again, these protocols are non-negotiable.


ONE CARD GCS: will begin issuing OneCards, ID badges, to students within the first few days of school. All students will have photo ID badges and are expected to wear them daily. The OneCard adds an additional safety measure. Everyone on a Guilford County Schools campus will know, at a glance, who is official. The OneCard will help us track students on buses and at school. Providing a safe and secure environment will foster learning and assist in security for everyone on campus. In addition to fostering a safe, learning environment and enhancing school safety and security, the OneCard creates a feeling of unity among students; boosts school identity and pride. Bus riders will swipe their cards to get on and off their buses. Students must swipe their cards to enter the building. Students will be given a lanyard to wear with their OneCard to use throughout the day. Students will use it in the cafeteria and media center. Lost OneCards will need to be replaced. The cards are $5.00 per replacement. Please help your children to keep up with their OneCard and be sure they bring it to school each day.


Daily Schedule: 


  • Students may enter the building each day at 7:20 am.
  • Students are considered tardy at 7:45 am.
  • Instruction will begin promptly at 7:45 am.
  • Daily breakfast will be provided in your child’s classroom.
  • Lunch will be served in the cafeteria this year!
  • Students will be dismissed at 2:30 pm.




  • One of the lessons we learned from the pandemic is that students need to be in school every day. Our instructional day begins at 7:45 am.  Arriving at school later than that guarantees that your child is missing critical academic instruction.  That lost learning time cannot be made up.  I will have my school support team working with families who have consistent problems with absences and tardies.  Remember, there are no remote learning options for students.  They are expected to attend class daily, unless they are sick. 


We see parents as partners in their children’s education, and we welcome you as an active participant in that process. Please feel free to contact me at 336-370-8230 and with questions or suggestions.

This will be another exciting year for Jones, and I look forward to seeing all of you on August 24th!




Ron Luciano


August 16, 2022