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    Vision:  The vision of the Middle College at UNCG is to develop and prepare globally responsible individuals for the health and life sciences to be college, career and life ready.

    Mission:  In collaboration with our parents and community partners, we will continuously create an academically rigorous, nurturing and safe learning environment where students explore health, medical and youth development careers as they increase their knowledge of STEM.

    Location:  The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 1510 Walker Ave, Greensboro, NC


  • The Middle College at UNCG was established after a great deal of planning, collaboration and support between UNCG, Guilford County Schools and various business/community leaders.

    We opened our doors on August 10, 2011 with the goal of providing a unique educational experience for students who are seeking and/or need a different educational experience than the traditional setting. Students may be at risk for not getting the level of instruction they need to reach their full potential or just disengaged because of other factors.  Each year 50 students, who are primarily interested in the health and life sciences, will be selected to share in this unique educational opportunity. In 2014-15 we reached our maximum enrollment of 200 students and had our first graduating class in May of 2015. The average teacher to student ratio is 1 to 17 and our graduation rate continues to be 100%.

    In addition to offering honors level and AP classes, the MC at UNCG gives students the opportunity to earn up to two years of college credits (up to 60 credit hours), primarily medical and/or health-related, beginning their freshmen year. Meanwhile, students are able to meet their high school graduation requirements while earning these college credits.  The college courses selected can serve as a basic foundation for preparing students to pursue a degree in health and medical fields, and/or general college readiness.  Additionally, leadership skills, service learning and character development are also emphasized throughout the program.  Students are required to earn 250 service learning hours by their graduation beginning in their freshmen year.

    Other components of the program involve students having opportunities to get early hands-on exposure to health, medical, and community and youth development careers.  They participate in “Pathways to Medical and Health Careers” on a weekly basis.  During the freshmen year students are exposed to different aspects of the health, medical and youth development careers by traveling to various businesses in the community, walking across campus to gain further insight into the aforementioned careers or having these individuals as guest speakers. In their sophomore, junior and senior years, our students are involved in shadowing and internship experiences with various partners throughout the community.

    The Middle College at UNCG began in a partnership with the North Carolina New Schools’ (NCNS) Health and Life Sciences STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Affinity. We continue to employ best practices from that early affiliation.  

    Some possible related careers that students may be interested in pursuing include, but are not limited to:  Pharmacy, Nursing, Public Health, Medical Accounting, Prosthetic Engineering, Medicine (both practicing and research), Veterinary Science, Medical Arts, Music Therapy, Ophthalmology, EMS, Medical Administration, Sports Medicine, Optometry, Orthopedist, Social Work, Genetic Counseling, etc.

    We encourage application from serious-minded students that are looking for a more hands-on educational experience and are truly interested in the health, medical and youth development fields.  These students must be mature enough to handle the responsibilities of being on an open college campus and hold themselves accountable for their actions. We strongly encourage all of our students to maintain at least a 3.0 during their attendance at the Middle College at UNCG, where we are “Preparing Every Student To Be College, Career and Life Ready! “


    Principal: Keisha Brown

    School Hours: 7:45 AM - 2:45 PM