•  Mendenhall Sign

     205 Willoughby Blvd.
    Greensboro, NC  27408

    Principal:  George Green


    Phone: (336) 545-2000

    FAX: (336) 545-2004

    Instructional Hours: 8:20 am - 3:20 pm 

    Office Hours: 7:45 am - 4:30 pm


    Student entering the building during instructional time after 8:20 am must check in at the front office for a pass.


    No transportation changes or early dismissal after 2:45pm.



     School logo

    Mascot:  Mustang

    Colors: Carolina Blue


    Number of Students: 748

    6th grade: 249

    7th grade: 229

    8th grade: 270


    Demographic Data:

    2% - American Indian

    5% - Asian

    12% - Hispanic

    41% - African American

    35% - White

    5% - Multi-Racial



    Our Guiding Mission

    At Mendenhall Middle, we will provide opportunities for success by:

    • teaching all students a rigorous curriculum,
    • holding high expectations,
    • scaffolding learning to meet individual needs
    • fostering the development of the whole child based on students' interests and talents. 

    All students will be proficient 21st century graduates who are college or career ready.


    Our Vision

    At Mendenhall Middle School, our vision is to create an environment that fosters opportunities for all students to utilize a growth mindset, prepare for college and career readiness and become caring and productive citizens who embrace diversity.


    Our Values

    At Mendenhall Middle School, we believe ALL children can learn!  We strive to encourage our students to do their very best in all endeavors.  We believe that we must set a good example for our students.  Our staff expects students to respect themselves and all individuals encountered.  We teach, model, and strive for R.O.C.K. behaviors: 

    R - Respect yourself and others

    O - Own your behavior

    C - Choose to be honest

    K - Keep a positive attitude

    ROCK ON!