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    Our Guiding Mission

    The mission of Mendenhall Middle School is to provide opportunities for student success in a safe environment by encouraging a caring community of life-long learners, responsible decision makers, and respectful, contributing members of society.

    The Mendenhall Way

    The Mendenhall Way is an important part of how the Mendenhall community operates. At Mendenhall, we focus on knowing students well and using what we know to guide our instruction and our interactions with students. We implement procedures that allow students to work independently so that teachers can spend at least as much time teaching individualized small groups of students as they spend teaching the whole class. In order to meet students’ needs most appropriately, our teachers are expert learners and work toward improving themselves so that our students can improve. Thank you for supporting The Mendenhall Way!

    ROCK describes the guiding principles we want Mendenhall students, faculty, and staff to strive to follow every day. Part of being a good citizen at Mendenhall is respecting yourself and others. We also want faculty, staff, and students to own their behavior and take responsibility for their actions. Choosing to be honest is another important characteristic of ROCK. Finally, to exemplify ROCK, the Mendenhall community must keep a positive attitude. As members of the Mendenhall community, we want everyone to know that we endeavor to be the best citizens we can be—and ROCK reminds us to be our best selves!