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    The World Language teachers at Northern Guilford High School will empower students to communicate in and connect to our complex world, to communicate in a language other than English, and to gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures.


    The World Languages Department strives to educate and motivate students to become global students. The Department will focus on the five factors for speaking proficiency: pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.

    World Languages Teachers will:

    * Teach courses in a specific language, which in modern curriculums often includes instruction in literature and cross-cultural;

    *Create an environment for students to learn effectively;

    * Teach several levels concurrently, from beginning speakers of foreign languages to students who approaching fluency;

    *Include vocabulary, grammar, and accent as well as spelling and other mechanics of language.

    World Language students will be able to:

    * Communicate in languages other than English within the following modes:

    Interpretive communication (reading, listening/viewing):

           * Derive meaning from messages and texts using listening, reading, and viewing strategies

           * Comprehend and interpret information in authentic messages and informational texts.

    Interpersonal Communication (speaking, signing/viewing, reading, and writing)

           * Negotiate meaning using requests, clarifications and conversation strategies

           * Interact with others using cultural appropriate language and gestures on familiar and some unfamiliar topics

           * Express preferences, feelings, emotions, and opinions about familiar and some unfamiliar topics.

    Presentational Communication (speaking/signing, writing)

           * Convey meaning using writing processes and presentation strategies

           * Present information concepts and viewpoints on familiar and some unfamiliar topics from across disciplines


    Gain and use knowledge and understanding of other cultures:

    * Analyze and describe relationships among products, practices and perspectives and compare them across cultures.