Join Us Saturday March 21, 2020 for NIGHTHAWK NITE 2020!!! THE LIVE NIGHTHAWK NITE EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED THIS YEAR!!! THIS WILL NOT STOP US FROM THE FUN. THE SILENT AUCTION WILL STILL GO ON STARTING SATURDAY MARCH 21ST. WE WILL RUN THE AUCTION FOR 1 WEEK CLOSING ON SUNDAY MARCH 29TH AT 11:59PM. PLEASE STILL SIGN UP AND BID ON SOME GREAT ITEMS SO THAT WE CAN STILL MAKE MONEY FOR ALL THESE ATHLETES. Nighthawk Nite benefits the Northern Guilford High School Athletic Booster Club. This fun-filled community event supports over 900 student athletes participating in 18 different athletic programs at Northern Guilford High School. WE'RE BRINGING BACK THE 80's!!!! Dig out your Parachute pants and leg warmers and dress like you are back in the 80's.



    You will be able to bid in this auction using the Handbid app for your iPhone or Android device.  Tap/Click the button below and we will guide you through the process of downloading the Handbid app, creating your account, and getting connected to the auction. DON'T HAVE A SUPPORTED PHONE? 

    That is ok, we have you covered!  Tap/Click the button below and we will guide you through the process to create your account and get you setup to bid from the web.  iPads will also be available for you to use at the event.





  • Welcome to the Northern Guilford High School Athletic Booster Club

    Please complete the 2019-20 Membership form as soon as possible.   Membership Form

    The NGHS Athletic Booster Club is a volunteer group made up of interested adults, which support all athletic related activities while promoting leadership, team spirit, and sportsmanship, both in the classroom and on the field. We do this by providing financial support to athletic teams that cannot be provided through the athletic fund for the school. Support is provided to all eligible groups on an equitable basis, J.V. and Varsity alike.

    We look forward to new members and new projects this year.  Boosters are “fun raisers”, not just fund raisers. Our "fun" comes from the boosting and social activities we plan throughout the year.  Everyone can be a Booster.  Booster is simply an enthusiastic supporter of NGHS sports programs. This support can be in many ways -- by becoming a member of the booster club, joining committees, by volunteering to work during sports events, by being a team representative, through financial support, or by simply attending sports events to support our athletes.

    We will be asking for your help and support throughout the year during our fundraising activities, but a significant portion of our funds will come from Booster Club memberships. The more funds generated through memberships, the less additional fundraising is needed. Our goal is 100% membership and representation of all our athletes and their families in the Booster Club. Consider joining and supporting your children and all our athletes at NGHS as a Booster Club member.

    Parental involvement is the key to establishing a tradition of successful support provided by the Booster Club. With strong parent and community support, we have been fortunate to assist Northern Guilford High School physically and financially, and we thank all those individuals who have donated their time, talent, and resources for our school.

    Thank you for your support.

    NGHS Athletic Booster Club