• Vision


    At Kirkman Park Elementary School, we seek to expand minds, inspire creativity, and build character. 




    The faculty and staff of Kirkman Park Elementary School are guided by a professional ethos that directs and encompasses our vision and mission. This ethos demands we hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional conduct. We recognize and accept that we are entrusted with families; and ultimately society’s most precious resource: children. We recognize and accept the challenge of nurturing and growing that resource. We recognize and accept that we do not succeed unless our children succeed—either as a school or as a society. Kirkman Park Elementary School’s ethos has many dimensions, including:


    P—Positive Relationships. This is the keystone of all education. Without it, no effective education can occur, nor will effective collegiality exist.


    R—Rigorous and Relevant Instruction. Students must experience the curriculum in such a way that they see the inherent value of the instruction. Furthermore, it is a moral imperative that students see themselves in the curriculum. Instruction must reach the student that needs extra instruction in order to meet grade level standards; while at the same time provide challenging instruction for those students who are operating above grade level.


    I—Integrating Communities. We recognize that Kirkman Park Elementary School does not operate in a vacuum. It is imperative the school act as an effective nexus between our students’ homes, and the at-large community in which students live and play. Furthermore, we believe me must teach our students that the term “community” has a local as well as global meaning and that our students must understand they are citizens of both.


    D—Dedication. The faculty and staff of Kirkman Park Elementary School will exhibit a firm dedication to all aspects of the profession. This will include implementing effective teaching practices, to keeping abreast of the latest educational news and research.


    E—Excelling to College and Career Readiness. We recognize and accept that the pathway to college and career readiness does not begin in high school. In fact, no citizen can become college and career ready without a solid foundation in the primary grades. At Kirkman Park Elementary School, we will ensure that our students’ foundations are firm and they leave for secondary school with all the skills necessary for success.