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Ms. Malaina Seegars

Greetings Erwin Families,

It is an honor to step into the role of Principal for Erwin Montessori. I have appreciated the warm welcome and support from each of you as we worked together to ensure a smooth transition for the school and our students and families as we closed out the previous school year. I am looking forward to working in partnership with you to create an inclusive environment within a school community that is dedicated to igniting the flame within each student to reach their maximum potential.


Our summer learning program has wrapped up, and it has been wonderful for our students to spend extra time in classrooms on both academics and enrichment. As I’ve visited classrooms these last few weeks, the smiles on the faces of our young people say it all. After a year like no other, I am so thankful for our families, teachers, and staff who have stepped up to make the school year such a success and to create such a special opportunity for all of our students this summer.


This upcoming school year we will re-open school for students to receive instruction face to face, 5 days a week. We will continue to utilize devices provided by our district as well as the CANVAS platforms to ensure that students are able to learn anytime, anywhere. It is my goal is to continue the success that Erwin has obtained and move the school forward with excellence and strengthen our Montessori program. I am a firm believer that if we work together to establish a clear vision, held accountable by measurable goals while sharing the talents among us to work together, we can push our eagles to soar higher than ever before! This includes a focus on literacy, the establishment of norms coupled with systems and processes, strengthening our Montessori program, and a systematic approach to address the social and emotional supports of our students.


In order to excel in academics, we must return JOY to our classrooms and our workplace. I know what brings me joy is our ability to collectively protect the light that burns within every child to help them flourish and see faces light up in discovery! As we embark upon this new school year, I challenge us to give ourselves and each other permission to not only look for joy as we work by any means necessary to be keepers of the flame that burns within every child, but to actively find opportunities to bring JOY back into our daily lives!


I look forward to beginning this journey, with each you.



With Joy


Malaina D. Seegars