• 🎉 Welcome to the Simkins Shark Tank Media Center, where learning dives to new depths! My name is Ms. Crabtree and I am so looking forward to learning with you all this year. Get ready, because this year's media center time is going to be an exciting journey. 📚🔬 We're shaking things up by introducing innovative makerspace activities that will spark creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking. 🛠️✨ These hands-on experiences will not only engage your imagination but also align with grade level standards, enhancing your learning adventure. 🌟 Let's dive in together, exploring new horizons while staying connected to the wonderful world of books. 📖🌎 Get ready for an unforgettable year of discovery and growth! 🚀🔍


    Please help your child remember to keep their book in their backpack when not reading it so it does not get misplaced.  

    At the Simkins Shark Tank Media Center, we are always excited to serve students, teachers and parents.  To do so effectively and efficiently, please take note of the following policies and procedures:


    Book Check-in Procedures:

    Kindergarten and first graders will see Ms. Crabtree for help checking-in/out a book. 2nd-5th graders will be responsible for checking-in their book(s) and placing books in the book slot. Procedures will be reviewed during the first month of school. 

    Book Check-out Procedures:

    Kindergarten-1st grade students may check out one book each visit. These books may be taken home.
    2nd – 5th grade students may check out up to 5 books each visit. These books may go home and must be returned or renewed each week.
    Parents may check-out up to two books at a time.   Please visit the Media Center for more information.
    All books can be checked out for up to 14 days at a time.
    Students may renew a book if the book has not been reserved for another student or teacher.
    Reference materials are not available for check-out and must be used within the confines of the library media center.


    Overdue Materials:

    The number of books a student may check out is dependent on their grade level and providing they have no overdue library books or fees for lost books. Students from other GCS schools are still responsible for turning in books from other locations. They may bring them to the media center and I will ensure they are returned to the correct school. Students who have overdue materials are strongly urged to return overdue materials as soon as possible. Overdue books will restrict a student's ability to check-out more books.
    Parents are financially responsible for lost or excessively damaged materials.

    Open Check-Out/Unscheduled Visits:

    The library media center is open for materials check-out during library hours if the Media Coordinator is available to assist.
    Students are able to check-out everyday in the morning from 7:05 – 7:30 a.m. and during their Media special time.  Additional check-out times will be arranged with teachers throughout the school year. Students may also come into the library to read quietly or to do research.

    A hall pass from the classroom teacher is required for any student to be in the media center without the teacher’s supervision.
    Only three students per class are allowed to be in the media center without their teacher or classroom assistant supervising.