•  Meet Our Staff


     The staff at Mendenhall Middle School are a group of experienced and dedicated teachers. Below is the staff organization for the 2017-2018 school year. Teachers are organized by grade level. If you are looking for contact information or information about specific teachers, please click on "Staff Directory and Teacher Webpages" found under "Staff" on the top navigation bar.  






    Kristen Vecchione 



    Assistant Principals


    Joe Hussey 


    Felicia Bowser




    School Counselors  


     Angie Brown- 7th Grade & 8th Grade


    Ursula Frison-Hall - 6th Grade & 8th Grade






    Fran Cardwell




     Data Manager


    Brandi Potter




    Front Office


    Nori Stella - Counselor Support


    Sylvia Cook - Office Support II


    Lisa Latori - Office Support II



    Curriculum Facilitator

    Bobbie Barton




    6th Grade


    June Britt - Math


    Emily Daniels - English Language Arts


    Jennifer Fannin - English Language Arts


    Lisa Martin - Math


    Denise Mason - Science/Social Studies


    Robin McCance - Social Studies


    Michelle McColl - Math


    Zeinab Savage - English Language Arts


    Gregg Wiener - Science




    7th Grade


    Joanna Bryant - English Language Arts


    Amanda Bustle - Math


    Ned Daigle - English Language Arts


    Sharon Felix - Science


    Andy Peascoe - Science


    Rachel Sadlik - English Language Arts


    Jessica Simon - Math

    Marquita Thompson - Math 

    Tameka Williams - Social Studies




    8th Grade


    Ramine Ettefagh - Math


    Michelle Masters - English Language Arts


    Millie Mayhew - Science

    Christopher Meier - Science

    Melissa Merritt - English Language Arts


    Kayleigh Reyes - Social Studies


    Sandy Turner - Social Studies


    Matthew Westbrook - Math




    Exceptional Children


     Charlene Burcham

    Teri Burcham


    Carlla Degraffenreid


    Kevin Hopkins

    Ann Kyle


    Gwen Lindsey-Diggs


    Malaina Seegars- E.C. Department Chair


    Robert Suber


    Dr. Kennen Wynn 






     Brent Davis- Band


    Mike Renne- Exploring Technology


    Lenny Sue French- Chorus


    Michaela Hafley- Art


    Kamine Haghighi- Orchestra


    Debra Ivey - Business Technology


    Barbara McIntyre- Physical Education

    Mike Rogers- Physical Education


    Sylivia McLean- Health & Family Education 


    Tarlisa Shaw - Life Skills


    Bridgett Tolliver - Spanish





    Marisol San Martin




    Media Specialist  


    Jennifer Hill




    School Nurse


    Martha Cox R.N. 







    Dr. Robin Ankeny 




    School Social Worker


    Jean Wegger




    Speech Language Pathologist


    Candice Nichols




     Custodial Services


    Teddy Martin- Lead Custodian






    Allison Townson - Cafeteria Manager