About The Middle College at A&T

  • In 2003, The Middle College at North Carolina A&T opened its doors as the first all-male public high school.  The Middle College at A&T is a collaborative effort of Guilford County Schools and North Carolina A&T State University.  The school strives for excellence by providing male students an opportunity for success through the use of 21st century teaching and learning and provides a nurturing environment with small classes which allows students to boost their self-esteem. Students are encouraged to take university classes while attending high school with the opportunity of earning up to 2 years of transferrable college credit. Academics, combined with character development and leadership skills, give our students the skills necessary for success beyond high school. With consecutive years of a 100% graduation rate and 100% university acceptance, the Middle College at A&T continues to produce young men ready for life and any endeavor they choose. The Middle College at North Carolina A&T is where excellence lives and failure disappears.


    (We are located in Hodgin Hall at 1601 E. Market St., Greensboro NC 27411)

  • Mission Statement

    Our mission is to provide a single-gender education that will establish a school culture raising educational achievement in an innovative, nurturing environment where young men are offered exceptionally challenging education opportunities that support academic development at the highest standard. 


    Vision Statement

    The Middle College at NC A&T staff and students will establish a community environment that fosters proficient learners that are able to display effective skills to become productive citizens and lifelong learners for the 21st Century.

  • School Creed


    I will commit to excellence.

    I will be respectful of myself and others.

    I will take complete responsibility for my actions.

    I will be a servant to my community.

    I will be a reflection for others to follow.

    I will make success the only option.

    I will speak with intelligence.

    I will transform my mindset from boy to man.

    I will value my education.

    I will go to college!