• Welcome to American II! I am very excited to be returning to Northern for the fifth year and to be entering my eighth year of teaching. This year, students will be using interactive notebooks to keep up with their work in class and outside of class. below I am listing materials that students will need this year in my class, as well as class materials that will be used. If you are able to contribute any of the class materials, I would be very grateful. 


    Student materials (please have these materials by Tuesday 9/3)

    - 1 COLLEGE RULED, COMPOSITION notebook (At least 100 pages)- there is no need to get a fancy notebook as we will be covering them 

    - Scotch tape and/or glue sticks (we will go through a lot of these as the year progresses) 

    - Scissors 

    - Pens, pencils, colored pencils, highlighters, sticky notes, and a pencil pouch to keep it all together


    Class materials (anything that you can provide is appreciated) 

    -Scotch tape and glue sticks 

    -Construction paper/Colored printer paper 

    - Markers and colored pencils 

    - Clorox wipes 

    - Tissues 

    - Hand sanitizer

    -Chalk pens