About Us

  • Principal - Edgar Zimmerman

    Office Hours:  7:15 AM - 4:00 PM   Monday - Friday

    Address: 3511 E. Lee Street, Greensboro, NC 27406

    Phone:   336-697-3070        Fax: 336-697-3837


    We successfully opened a brand new elementary school in Guilford County starting with the 2014-2015 school year. It is not very often that educators, students, and parents have an opportunity to create the foundations of a school culture. We are setting high standards for learning and maintaining a positive school environment that puts children first at all times. Through the collaboration of our students, staff, and parents, we are ensuring that the needs of every student are being met.

    Beginning in Kindergarten, we prepare students to be life-long learners. We want all students to have a passion for reading, become problem solvers, and learn to be great thinkers. Every opportunity available is utilized to prepare our students.

    We maintain high standards by setting high expectations for our faculty and our students. Faculty members are charged with ensuring that they are equipped to give students their very best. Careful, thoughtful, and academically rigorous planning prepares students to stretch themselves as learners and do more than what is expected.

    Using data to drive instruction each day is vitally important. Data is reviewed to target the specific needs that a child has in order for him/her to master the learning that should take place. As we conference with parents, we will share our most updated data and inform our families of what we are doing to better equip their children for learning the instructional standards. We encourage our families to partner with us to support their children to experience success each year and reach their fullest potential.

    Simkins’ students are reminded daily that they are smart, intelligent, and very, very important. Our students are urged to learn from all mistakes as critical building blocks towards achieving their goals. Simkins Sharks are “sharktastic” not only because we believe that they are the best and brightest students. Simkins Sharks are “sharktastic” because they believe in themselves and realize that each day, challenge, error, and correction takes them one-step closer to becoming the great leaders that they are destined to be!