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     The mission of The Academy at Smith is to build relationships with students, parents, and community members while providing all students with a program of study that is relevant and rigorous. We strive to establish a positive environment that prepares students for future careers with an emphasis on electrical technologies and medical professions for the 21st century.

    The vision of The Academy at Smith is to provide a quality education that will lead to a productive and successful future for all students.

    Our values: At The Academy at Smith, we believe that knowing our students well is the key to teaching them well. The relationships we develop with our students and their families supports and motivates them to learn. We believe in teaching children to use their minds. Teaching students how to learn, question, reflect, and view the world with a critical eye produces expert thinkers who are prepared to navigate their future. Moreover, at The Academy at Smith, we believe the different experiences individuals bring to our school are strengths. Consequently, embracing diverse cultures, perspectives and abilities enables students and adults to feel valued and provides an environment where students and staff from all cultures and backgrounds can succeed. In short, we are committed to creating an equitable and inclusive school where adults take ownership for student learning outcomes to ensure students have what they need to become successful in school and in life. Finally, at The Academy at Smith, we will align resources to create equitable opportunities, and we will eradicate achievement gaps. 

The Academy at Smith Exterior Look
  •  Regular Day Schedule 2019-2020

    1st Block: 8:45am - 10:15am    

     2nd Block: 10:20am - 11:50am  

    3rd Block: 11:55 am- 2:00pm     

    2:05pm- 3:40pm 4th Block

    1st Lunch: 11:50am -- 12:20pm 

    2nd Lunch: 12:40pm  - 1:10pm   

     3rd Lunch: 1:30pm - 2:00pm       


    Early Release Schedule 2019-2020: TBD


    2 Hour Delay Schedule 2019-2020: TBD