• Our Vision and Mission


    The vision of The Academy at Smith is to become the premiere Career Academy in the United States by challenging students to become more competitive in an increasingly globalized world. The mission of the Academy at Smith is to build relationships with students, parents, and community members to provide each student with a program of study that is relevant and rigorous. We also strive to establish a positive environment that prepares students for future careers with an emphasis on electrical technologies and medical professions.

School Meeting
  • Our overall goal for The Academy at Smith is to increase our overall EOC Composite Score from the projected 70.1% currently to 80% by June 2019.  We also have some target goals that include increasing our ACT Composite Score for all sub groups to 18 and increasing the number of Service Learning Diplomas and Awards.  This goal will drive our instruction, assessment, PD, and discussions.


    Regular Day Schedule 2018-2019

    1st Block 8:50-10:20

    2nd Block 10:25-11:55

    3rd Block 12:00-2:05

    1st Lunch 11:55-12:25

    2nd Lunch 12:45-1:15

    3rd Lunch 1:35-2:05

    4th Block 2:10-3:42


    Early Release Schedule 2018-2019
    1st Block 8:50-9:50

    2nd Block 9:55-10:55

    3rd Block 11:00-12:15

    1st Lunch 11:00-11:25

    2nd Lunch11:25-11:50

    3rd Lunch 11:50-12:15

    4th Block 12:20-1:30


    2 Hour Delay Schedule 2018-2019

    1st Block 10:45-11:50

    2nd Block 11:55-12:55

    3rd Block 1:00-2:30

    1st Lunch 12:55-1:20

    2nd Lunch 1:30-1:55

    3rd Lunch 2:05-2:30

    4th Block 2:35-3:42


    Principal Lise Timmons McLaughlin