• Mr. Flippin

    6th & 7th Grade - Exploring Technology 

    8th Grade - Aviation Technology


    Welcome! When we enter our classroom, learning is fun and cooperation is expected. Our positive attitude and mutual respect are part of everything we do and say. In order for SEMS students to perform at high-levels, certain basic classroom behavioral expectations must be in place. Students, you are expected to fully participate and be highly engaged in class lessons and complete all assignments in an appropriate and timely fashion. You are to follow the classroom expectations and procedures established to promote participation and learning in the classroom. 

    In the Technology and Aviation courses Our focus is on higher-order or critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

    • 6th Grade - Exploring Technology: Exploring Technology course prepares sixth graders with an understanding of what is technology, the universal systems model, and opportunities to apply the engineering design process in problem solving.  
    • 7th Grade - Exploring Engineering and Design: Invention and Innovation prepares seventh graders with opportunities to apply the design process in the invention or innovation of a new product, process, or system. 
    • 8th Grade – Aviation Technology: This course offers an introduction to the many different career opportunities in Aviation and the educational steps involved in pursuing those careers. Space exploration, aviation history, flight simulator practice and hands on projects will also be included along the way.

    I hope to inspire, encourage, support, and empower principled, open-minded students who value cultural diversity, international mindedness, and lifelong learning by providing a safe, positive, and caring environment that fosters inquiry, communication, empathy, higher-order thinking, problem-solving, and reflection. We will collaborate together to respect others, model appropriate behavior, apply critical thinking skills, and use creative and authentic, real-life applications, and technology that enhance learning

Mr. Flippin