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    Unit 2 Post assessment will be given on Thurs. 1/10/

    SCOS Objectives: 6.1 Cite text evidence to support analysis of the text including inferences. 6.2 Determine the central idea of a text and how it is conveyed through details. Summarize the central idea and key details. 6.5 Analyze how a part of the text contributes to the overall structure and development of ideas. 6.4 Determine word meanings using a variety of strategies. 6.7 Integrate information from a variety of sources and different formats.

    Power goals: Each student has a "power goal" based on their reading log. These are skills and goals within the reading standards. As they read over this week and break, they should work on these goals. 



    READING LOGS- New reading log given out Tues. 1/8. See Homework link for an extra copy. The goal is 150 mins. of reading and 3 response questions.



    • 1st 9 weeks: Launch Unit, Reading literature, genre study, writing skills
    • 2nd 9 weeks: Unit 2: Reading for information and research
    • 3rd 9 weeks: Unit 3: Adventure! Reading literature
    • 4th 9 weeks: Unit 4: Argument and EOG review

    Vocabulary & grammar infused within all units


       If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at: mcenalm@gcsnc.com. Thank you!

    Home reading: 30 mins. 5x per week (GCS Reads 30)



    • Bookopolis

      A fun online place to keep track of books you have read, want to read, or are currently reading. Read and write reviews and look at what other students are saying about books.

    • Guys Read

      A website founded by author Jon Scieszka to motivate boys to read more and broaden their literary interests.

    • The Brown Bookshelf

      A site that brings awareness to Black voices in literature by showcasing the many wonderful books that are available to young readers.

    • A Mighty Girl

      A site that showcases books, movies, and other material with the aim of empowering and celebrating girls. 

    • Tween Tribune

      A place to read interesting articles on a variety of topics from current events and sports to science, history, and entertainment.

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