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    Welcome to 8th Grade English Language Arts!

    I have been at Southeast Middle for 6 years. This is my second year teaching 8th grade ELA. I am looking forward to a great year :-)

    All students are required to have an Interactive Notebook. We will use this every day! The 1st assignment is to set up the ELA notebook. Don't worry, we will work on this in class during the 1st week of school and I will show you exactly how it needs to be set up.

    Things you can do before the 1st day of school: buy 80/100 page composition book w/ cardboard back, begin collecting or creating images for the front and back cover.


    ELA Interactive Notebook Set-up Assignment

    Due Friday August 31, 2018

    You may use an 80 or 100 sheet book. It should have a cardboard back –NOT a plastic one!

    To receive full points the work must be neat, show attention to detail and best effort

    Notebook set up instructions are below. We will work on this in class during the 1st week. Notebooks are due complete by Friday August 31, 2018.



    # of possible pts


    80/100 page composition notebook w/ cardboard back



    All pages numbered .5 – 159 – Left = Odd, Right = Even



    Syllabus glued/taped into front cover



    Table of Contents glued/taped into p. 5



    Title -  ELA (easy to read, on top of the front cover)



    Core # (easy to read, on the front cover)



    First and Last name (easy to read, towards the bottom of the front cover)



    At least 3 images or quotes about  books you have enjoyed reading on the front cover (be sure to include the title of each book and/or author)



    Back cover – at least 3 images of things you enjoy doing or things that tell something about you (favorite food, sports, drink, TV, music) 



    Front and back cover protected w/ clear Packing Tape




    44 pts


    40-44 = A             35 – 39 = B          31-34 =C              27-30 = D             26 & below = F