• As a child, I loved to make art and so I studied hard and went to UNC-Greensboro to learn more about painting. I loved it so much, I applied to go to a special school in Maine to learn more. From there, I was off to study art in NYC and started teaching part-time in an arts preschool! I loved that so much, that I decided to get my Masters degree in Education from Hunter College in NY. My husband and I moved from NYC to Greensboro to help open a hands-on art gallery called ArtQuest at GreenHill Center and I worked as Education Director for 22 years! I love working with my amazing Erwin Montessori family. I have two awesome daughters who also love art and dance. Emilie is an art teacher in Cary, NC and Annie is a dancer here in Greensboro!

    I learn so much from children and art. Like a child, I love to experience the world by acting on it and working with materials. As an art teacher, I work to provide a rich, multisensory experience for our students. As in the Montessori philosophy, I nurture self-expression and discovery. I encourage creative thinking as we work through the NC Essential Standards for art. One of my favorite things to do is to support the curriculum in the classroom through engaging art experiences. I believe in sharing our amazing, diverse world of art and culture with our students!