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  • As an educator, I believe my first responsibility is to build a child’s self-confidence.

    Children should learn early in life that mistakes are not signs of failure but signs of

    learning. I first came to Erwin as a teacher assistant in 2006 and continued as a

    classroom teacher in 2016. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to support

    children in becoming life-long learners of self. It is the educators’ role to guide

    children in understanding that learning is not a race or competition with another

    but rather an opportunity to be amazed at your own brilliance. Therefore, it is my

    daily responsibility to challenge children to push beyond any limiting thoughts or

    small ideas they have about themselves. As adults, we must build in each child the

    knowing that real super-heroes are not on the TV screen but in the mirror.

Education is the bridge to peace