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    You are enrolled in either an Advanced Language Arts class or a standard Language Arts class.  Your current placement, however, doesn't mean too much.  What matters the MOST is that you are doing everything you can THIS YEAR to determine the placement you want during your FRESHMAN YEAR.  High school is right around the corner, and all your effort this year is for your first year there.  EVERYONE should strive for personal excellence.  Nothing happens through magical means; it's all in your hands. Apply yourself and remember that you are building qualities that will be essential to your success for years to come.  I'm excited to see just what you choose to make of the opportunities put before you this year.  


    Please refer to your beginning of the year class overview for clarification on class policies.  Should you have a question, please email me at vandevd@gcsnc.com.  


                                                                    Remember that even a mighty ship can sink, and a little boat can win the race. 


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